About Us

Company Overview

Greetings from Indonesia, where the production of natural wood charcoal dates back to ancient times. We provide our customers with best and wide range of natural charcoal products – from the softwood charcoal for heating and industry applications to the very best hardwood charcoal for barbecue and grilling.

For many decades PT FGM has supported the environment by annually converting hundreds of millions of pounds of lumber industry waste wood into the highest quality charcoal. The company is committed to sustainability procedures throughout its manufacturing processes. We are one of the largest Indonesia producer of natural lump charcoal.

With a proud history stretching back more than 30 years, PT FGM has developed into a major contributor to Indonesia’s national development. Our principal concerns have always been service quality and customer satisfaction. At PT FGM, we believe that our success ultimately depends on the success of your business. That’s why we are committed to delivering real value so as to help ensure your success.


PT. FGM is committed in becoming the global exporter leader in helping consumers around the world to discover a way of improving their quality of life and environment through the development in energy industry.


It has become our duty to continually explore and utilize the available resources to help improve the society welfare and protect the environment through continuous improvement in product quality at the lowest cost possible.